Indoor Kites at the National Air & Space Museum

Kites of Asia

Nearly every year since 2010, I’ve headed over to see kites being flown indoors at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum. And each time my girlfriend-turned-wife has come to enjoy the choreographed beauty and fine skill expert kite-fliers and master kite makers display for the thousands that visit one of Washington, D.C.’s most popular sites. Although I’m close with an extremely accomplished kite-flier and have seen these shows year after year, my wife and I are still enamored with the surprise of seeing kite glide gracefully to music indoors.

Unlike prior years, I decided to stay in one spot next to my wife and enjoy the show as more of a spectator than a working photographer. But of course, my cameras were still up to my face many times. They just weren’t glued there the whole time. Even though I was on a date, I still managed to capture some nice moments of this spectacle which has become a tradition for my wife and I.