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Fashion PhotographyLook Great Everyday with Elizabeth Dang & Kelly Key

Look Great Everyday with Elizabeth Dang & Kelly Key
During the production of the last collaborative blog post with Elizabeth Dang, we talked about doing another shoot showcasing real women in everyday attire wearing the Chloe + Isabel jewelry she sells. The C+I catalog looks great -- and it should -- but we felt that sometimes there's a disconnect between clients and the advertisement. While beautiful, sharply dressed [...]

Aviation PhotographyArsenal of Democracy Flyover

Arsenal of Democracy Flyover
On the 70th anniversary of Victory Day and to honor World War II veterans, 56 planes flew over Washington, D.C. during the Arsenal of Democracy Flyover. The planes flew very low, at altitudes of 1,000 feet, so that spectators could easily see and hear the various military planes that flew during World War II. They would cross over the Lincoln Memorial and then bank le[...]