Just one week after moving to our new place, we get hit with a blizzard. Not just any blizzard, but one that would dump over 30 inches right on my new neighborhood: Snowzilla.

Aside from wanting to reclaim our floors from endless boxes, the incoming blizzards redoubled our efforts so that we could be rid of them before the recycling and dumpsters were inaccessible from the deep snow. I don’t mind snow days, even really, really harsh ones. I actually enjoy them a lot. What I don’t like is having to dig out my car. Wading through waist-deep snow and then through chest-deep drifts to reveal my car wasn’t fun. And all I did was give it a 2-foot playpen. It will still be trapped until the plows come through. Not sure when that will be.

Naturally, before doing some necessary yet futile work I photographed the aftermath of Snowzilla. People were just emerging from their warm homes to survey the vast white landscape and gawk at their cars-turned-marshmallows.

Snowzilla Photos from Centreville, VA