About Daniel Soñé

Photo by: Kyle Hepp

Enjoying myself at my wedding, on the other side of a camera for once. 🙂

“You can light it however you want, you can pose it however you want, but that’s not going to be the right picture.”

These words a college photography professor once said are the ones that have defined my
photographic career. I look for, and find, the right picture.

What is the right picture?
The right picture is the one you turn to in your photo album, over and over again. The right picture is the one with the small moment you may not have even noticed, but it defined who you were that day.

That’s why I love portraiture and photojournalism so much. Both allow me to be a storyteller of both the now and beyond. It’s that experience and passion that I bring to your wedding day. It’s not just one day but a symbol and celebration of a deep relationship that’s brimming with the best of who you two are. It’s intense and on the edge.

And I want to be right there with you, losing yourself in the moment, trying to keep some control while you express yourself wholly with a fulfilling beauty that’s can only be explained by pointing to other awesome things and saying, “Well, it’s like…”

The right photo — seeing come together — and knowing: this is it.
Well, it’s like… It’s like Judo. And judo is like magic. And a wedding is like both those things. Many times, I return home amazed, tired, and smiling with flashbacks of the awesome moments. I tell my wife about these things, shower, and end the evening quietly wrapping my arm around her. This is it.

That’s why I became a photographer: We don’t have time machines. Our memories do fade. And as a photographer, I provide a venue where you can go back, share, and keep your memories refreshed.


  • National Institutes of Health
  • National Cancer Institute
  • National Cherry Blossom Festival
  • FOX 5 News — New York
  • Catholic Stewardship Consulting

  • Catholic News Service
  • The Florida Catholic
  • Archdiocese of Miami
  • Diocese of Pueblo


I enjoy interacting with my clients directly and learning about them. My clients enjoy the personalized, hands-on approach of my photography and post-production. That means the gear, materials, and products have been evaluated by me so that your photos, prints, and albums are of the professional, long-lasting quality you deserve.

  • Weddings & Portraiture
  • Journalism & Editorial
  • Healthcare & Medical Photography
  • Martial Arts & MMA Photography
  • Photography Education

Daniel Soñé Photography is based in Centreville, Virginia and mainly serves the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area though he travels for journalism, commercial projects, and destination weddings.