Martial Arts Photography2015 World Police and Fire Games – Judo

Police officers and firefighters from around world competed at the 2015 World Police and Fire Games in hopes of Judo gold at what is considered the Olympics for law enforcement and first responders. The three-mat venue was hosted at George Mason University’s Field House in Fairfax, VA and despite the pouring rain outside that canceled many of the Game’s outdoor events, the high-level judo wasn’t dampened.

This tournament was full of fast-paced judo with splendid throws and slick newaza. Aside from the lively competition, Olympic Judo Champion, Kayla Harrison, visited the tournament and bestowed the medals upon the judoka that made it to the podium. It’s really cool to see how these police officers and firefighters fought very hard, sometimes to the point of injury, but always showed the respect and camaraderie their professions are known for.

 Photos of the 2015 World Police and Fire Games Judo Competition:

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  • Gualberto Rosa said:

    I love your pictures. You did a wonderful job. Sadly I did not see my ugly face.
    I was on the 50+ /100 kg.

    • Daniel S. said:

      Thank you for your compliments and I'm glad you're enjoying my photos. Sadly, I couldn't cover all three mats simultaneously and there were some really great ippons that I missed, including your division. Perhaps at the next World Police & Fire Games we will meet and I can capture a victory of yours.